"...Susan soon won the respect of a seasoned professional staff by contributing a level of career development expertise that brought creativity and originality to our offerings. Susan developed a series of original workshops ... She was soon in demand by faculty for presentations in their classes....Susan also has a way of getting people to believe in themselves and actualizing their potential, a talent in any career pursuit...She has a unique sense of her own creative powers and she also seems to have the talent for helping others to actualize theirs as well. Regardless of the venue, Susan can be counted on to bring commitment, thoroughness and a quiet dynamism to all she undertakes. --Linda Budd, M.A., LMHC, Supervisor and Counselor in Student Support Center, North Shore Community College.

College Success Seminar: "Susan has received among the highest evaluation scores this semester (4.9/5.0). Her students say she makes learning fun and ties knowledge to their future." --Lynn Willenbrock, former Director of Student Support Center, North Shore Community College.

'Susan Wharton-Schmitz exemplifies all that one might hope for in a career specialist and college counselor. Her patience, diligence, and foresight are all extremely effective tools in assisting others in need. In addition, Susan’s intuitive nature, genuine love for students, and expertise all play a role in why so many seek out her advice and guidance. Without a doubt, she is highly respected and valued by students and colleagues alike. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Susan Wharton-Schmitz for any position requiring “compassion in action” and an ability to champion others to success.' - Elissa Al-Chokhachy, RN, BSN, CT, Colleague in Student Support Center, North Shore Community College. 

"If I had to put into one word that would describe Susan Wharton Schmitz it
 would be "outstanding". Why, because she is a person who definitely stands out from the rest. When you first meet Susan you are immediately drawn to her. As you get to know her, your first impression is confirmed. She is dependable, honest, caring and holds extreme empathy for others. She is a team player and is always willing to go the extra mile. She has great ideas and can take charge if necessary. She has much to offer and is always willing to learn new ideas and share many of her own. She is very intellectual and has a great personality that will bring a smile to everyone around her. " --Jacqui DeLorenzo, M.S. L.M.H.C., Colleague in Trio Student Support Services, North Shore Community College.