If you are at a sensitive or searching place in life where you need a confidential and safe environment to share your feelings and concerns, look no further.        

     M. Scott Peck stated the obvious, in his book The Road Less Traveled, “Life is difficult”.   Once we’re willing to recognize life’s hardships and the difficulties experienced within and without, we begin the path of awareness, healing and charting a path of authenticity. Peck also stated that life consists of solving problems and dysfunction occurs when we are unable to adequately resolve them.   At certain times on our journey, we may require the insight and assistance of others in order to identify and reflect the wisdom locked within ourselves.       

     At Life Key Counseling,  I provide a professional and caring climate in which you can discuss and resolve your issues and problems in a goal-directed manner.   I also provide guidance in exploring life and career goals and achieving ones’ dreams.